Community Rade Reloaded V FS17

FS 17 Maps

Community Rade Reloaded V FS17

so here again an update of the community Rade Reloaded.
Sorry that some mistakes have crept in.
I will explain everything here again as far as I can

– Added Collis to the BGA walls
– Fixed silo areas in the main courtyard
– Removed Grass and added it to Box 17.
– “Construction site” created in Rade for the Straw Addon Hall.
– HosesSystem added to the BGAs
– Eggsell trigger renewed.
– Sugar beet can now be used in the BGA’s
– Render Error removed. (rare error)
– adapted map01_preview.
– Dynamic sky removed. (Cone)
– and other

Animal menu open at KuhStal l:
You have to close the two Weidentore so the animal trigger comes out of the ground.
A fertilizer production is no longer available.
So now have fun and gamble easy.
The project community Rade is finally completed for me after a long time.
I thank all who supported me and always helped me motivatingly in the Discord
Special thanks to Henry (SimuFreunde) and PeJay (SimuFreunde). Megaaaa .. thank you !!!!!!!!!!

Welcome to the beautiful Schleswig-Holstein directly on the north-east channel. Here is the newly established community Rade, which is equal to a new building.

Your farm is in the middle of the card and the pig farm. You start with a farm that is fully operational.

Thanks a lot:
– Henry from the Simf friends for the hours of support and the Snowmask!
– Unguided by Outcast Modding for the mega grass texture!
– SirJoki from Agrartechnik North Eifel for the ingenious Sky!
– PeJay from the Simu friends, many thanks for the various adjustments in the Maya, the texture error correction and the pictures!

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